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    Brand story
    HSIA遐,Founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, china.
    Brand style elegant sexy, fresh and natural, stylish and simple, the pursuit of reasonable
    resources to create the greatest value,金沙澳门官方4166
    Help urban women to establish a dialogue with the inner heart, to find the most true,
    comfortable self,
    Show the most perfect charm confidence.
    Brand culture
    Underwear is a woman's insight into the heart of the window, the fast pace of the times, but should slow down the pace to listen carefully to the inner voice. A bit of a powerful and unconstrained style reveries, may bring a different world.
    HSIA brand through the "slow" design of the heart and considerate, to help women better set up a dialogue between the heart and the body, so as to find the most true, happy self. To have a sincere, to give people happiness, which is the beginning of a good life.
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